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Onboarding to the Rithum network is a streamlined process that allows you the flexibility to determine how you would like to exchange your data to best fit your company and goals.

Note: It’s important that you know your company’s preferred file and connection type before you begin the onboarding process. Rithum can send and receive data in almost any combination of file format (CSV, Excel, EDI, JSON) and transport protocol (SFTP, AS2, API). Learn more about all available connection options.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Look for the email invitation from Rithum. Click the Accept Invitation button in the email, and on the Rithum login page, click Sign up to create a new account.

Note: A separate account is required for each retailer connection, so you’ll need to complete Step 2 even if you’re already connected to a retailer on the Rithum network.

Step 2: Create your company’s account and accept your retailer’s invitation. Provide some basic company details and click Complete Account

After you click Complete Account, you’ll be prompted to accept your retailer’s invitation at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Start the interactive onboarding experienceDuring this step-by-step process, you’ll choose your connection method to integrate. You’ll create and run tests against your inventory, order, shipment, and invoice data as needed.         

Your progress is saved along the way. We’ve seen some suppliers complete onboarding in as little as one day, but you can invite your colleagues to work with you and complete the process in multiple sessions if needed. 

Step 4: Go Live! Your retailer will receive a notification once you complete the wizard. They can then begin receiving your inventory data and sending you orders. Reach out to your retailer for the exact date you’ll be going live!

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