When you upload products using advanced catalog services, your data is reviewed for two requirements:

  • Rithum’s minimum system requirements. For example, all SKU values must be less than 64 characters. For more information about minimum system requirements, refer to the Rithum Data Schema.
  • Your retailer’s catalog requirements. For example, the GTIN must be 13 digits, or the Style Number must not contain special characters.

During the upload process:

  • If your product data meets minimum system requirements, it is then reviewed to ensure compliance with your retailer's catalog requirements. Compliance errors are displayed on the Products page as well as on the Catalog Exceptions page. For more information, see Viewing your catalog exceptions.
  • If your item/product data does not meet minimum system requirements:
    • Your upload file stops processing as soon as an error is detected.
    • Any products in your upload file that were processed before the error are created in your account.
    • System requirement errors are displayed on the Products page. Click Download report to view errors to view and download a spreadsheet that lists all products with an error. The file will display only one error per product. See the Troubleshooting common errors section below for ways to correct the errors. You’ll need to correct the errors in your file and re-upload your file to the system.

Here’s an example of system and compliance error notifications on the Products page.

Troubleshooting common errors

The table below outlines the most common errors for advanced catalog services.

Note: Before reuploading your products, we recommend thoroughly reviewing your upload file to identify and resolve all errors with your product data.

Error Cause Resolution
All items must contain

  • SKU
  • Unique SKU for each individual item
  • Product_Status = active
Your products do not meet basic system requirements. Ensure your products contain the required data specified in the error notification.
Duplicate UPC/EAN value found Basic system requirements prohibit two or more items in the same account from sharing a UPC, Partner_SKU, EAN, ISBN, or GTIN. Ensure every item in your spreadsheet has a unique UPC/EAN. If needed, remove the UPC/EAN value, or discontinue the incorrect SKU in your inventory.
Invalid UPC/EAN submitted Basic system requirements enforce character limits for UPC values (12 digits) and EAN values (13 digits). Ensure your UPC/EAN values meet the character limits. Tip: You can use =len() in Excel to confirm the length of your UPC/EAN values.
NRF size or color code is incorrect length

NRF size codes must be valid and 5 digits (Example: 10001).

NRF color codes must be valid and 3 digits (Example: 001).

Ensure your NRF size and color codes are correct.
Long text description contains special characters These special characters are not allowed in the long_text_description: !$%^&() Ensure the long_text_description does not contain special characters.
Duplicate partner SKU value found (dsco_item_id: [ID value]) An existing product already uses this Partner SKU. The product may be in your own Dsco account or in another trading partner account assigned to the retailer. Locate the item on your Products page to confirm the product exists in your account. Click the SKU and edit the SKU to edit/remove the Partner SKU as needed.
Excel Formatting
Data needs to be saved as ‘text’ before upload Excel concatenated a UPC, EAN, GTIN, or ISBN value into scientific notation. Ensure UPC/EAN/GTIN values are in Text format.
MSRP, Cost, or other item price fields formatted incorrectly Excel formatted an MSRP, Cost, or other price value as Accounting or Currency ($). Ensure cost/price values are in Number or Text format.
Image must be hosted on a public site An image is not hosted on a public site. Ensure your images are hosted on a public site such as Dropbox. Learn more about images.
Image title/URL can’t contain spaces An image title/URL contains spaces. Ensure your image titles/URLs do not contain spaces. Learn more about images.
Dropbox Image file extension is incorrect A Dropbox image URL ends in dl=0. Ensure Dropbox image URLs end in dl=1. Learn more about images.
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