Audience: Suppliers

CommerceHub allows retailers to create reports tailored specifically for their trading partners, with specific metrics and targets they would like their trading partners to meet. 

If your retailer has created a custom report, follow the steps below to learn how to receive emails about the  report that was created.

Step 1: Click the Dashboard icon and select Automation & Reporting > Reports. The Reports page is displayed. 

Step 2: Select the desired custom report from the list. 

Step 3:  In the Custom pop-up, select the Configure toggle and enter the Configuration Name.

Tip: We recommend including your trading partner's business name in the Configuration Name field to reference who created and owns this report. For example: “Invoice Report for Retailer ABC.”

Step 4: Select the Schedule report toggle and set up the timing of the report.

Step 5: When finished, click Save.

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