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With advanced catalog services, you may delete draft or published catalogs and their categories and attributes from CommerceHub's Dsco platform. Here are some reasons why you would delete a catalog from your account: 

  • You created multiple versions and no longer need them all.
  • A catalog on the list is no longer current.
  • You simply want to de-clutter the list.

Important: Be aware that deleting a catalog is final and cannot be undone.

Note: Not all retailer trading partners have access or are using advanced catalog services, which is different from the catalog templates that your suppliers use to provide item data. Advanced catalog templates on the Products page are created by the retailer and reflect the retailer’s unique requirements for each item’s category. The catalog template found on the Inventory Upload File page is not specific to a category and does not reflect any retailer rules or requirements. If you're interested in using advanced catalog services, reach out to your CommerceHub Customer Success Manager or email us at

Step 1: Click the Dashboard icon and select Workflows > Catalogs. The Catalogs page is displayed.

Step 2: Click the Catalogs drop-down to select a catalog from the list. The catalog, its categories, and attributes are displayed. 

Step 3: Click the icon (Delete Catalog) to delete the catalog. 

Step 4: A confirmation pop-up appears asking you to confirm the deletion. Click Delete Catalog

The catalog no longer appears in the Catalogs drop-down.

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