Audience: Retailers

The Supplier Summary page provides a quick way to view all of your suppliers' exceptions across all order exception types. For more information about pipeline, order, or inventory exceptions, see Exceptions Page.

Step 1: Click the Dashboard icon and select Automation & Reporting > Exceptions > Supplier Summary.

Step 2: The Supplier Summary page is displayed with a list of your exceptions.

Step 3: From here, you can:

  • Display warnings and/or past due notifications by clicking the filter icon and selecting any of the available options.
  • Determine which relevant exception columns to display by clicking the three-dot More Options menu and selecting from the available options. You may also determine the order that the exception types appear by dragging the options to the desired location.
  • View more details about the exceptions by clicking the number links.
  • Search for a specific supplier's exceptions by entering the supplier's name in the Search bar and clicking Search.
  • Export the summary by clicking Export and following the instructions to save the file.
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