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CommerceHub provides two options for retailers to synchronize their item catalog data with their suppliers' product data:

  • Via APIs or streams.
  • Via flat file that's uploaded to the Dsco portal, described below.

Through channel overrides, retailers can edit/override item catalog data provided by suppliers so that when items flow from suppliers to their retailer, the retailer-provided data is present. Retailers can edit, append, and override supplier SKU data by assigning a Partner SKU to a supplier SKU and providing the listing status of the SKU. 

Note: Each item within a retailer account MUST have a unique Partner SKU, because duplicate SKUs within an account will result in potentially mismatched orders.

Download the channel override template

Step 1: Click the Dashboard icon and select Workflows > Items.

Step 2: On the Items page, click Upload.  

Step 3: In the Upload Chanel Overrides window, click Download Override Template.

Step 4: Open the downloaded file, assign Partner SKUs to the supplier SKUs and provide the listing status of the SKUs. Save your changes.

Note: The Dsco Trading Partner ID field and at least one match key, such as UPC, EAN, GTIN, etc.  (the fields in green), are required in order for CommerceHub to match the new Partner SKU to the correct supplier item.

Upload the channel override file

Step 1: Return to the Items page in the Dsco platform by clicking the navigation menu and selecting  Workflows > Items.

Step 2: On the Items page, click Upload. The Upload Channel Overrides window opens.

Step 3: Click or drag the saved file from Step 4 of the Download channel overrides template procedure above and click Upload.

Step 4: A status message is displayed at the top of the page.

Important: Once you've submitted your channel overrides and assigned your retailer Partner SKU to supplier items, make sure your suppliers are aware that their SKU data will be overridden with your data and that they are no longer required to provide Partner SKU in catalog updates.

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