Here's what's new on CommerceHub's Dsco platform!

May 2022

  • Advanced catalog services: Enhanced functionality for advanced catalog services.
    • The Recent Activity filter now allows retailers and suppliers to determine compliance activity by a specific date or date range.
    • Advanced Attribute Rules pop-up window now allows retailers to delete rules. Learn more
    • Attribute Editor now allows retailers to reorder pick list values for catalog attributes. Learn more
    • Attribute Editor now displays a notification informing retailers that their edits to an existing, active catalog attribute could affect the compliance of X number of items. This notification does not appear when retailers activate new catalogs containing new required attributes, or when a new required attribute is added to an active catalog.
    • Improved product compliance by allowing retailers to only activate a catalog once every 15 minutes. This ensures all products have enough time for compliance processing.
    • Items page now displays a banner that allows retailers to easily see how many items became non-compliant since they last logged in. Click View Items in the banner to filter the page to only display these items.
    • Products page now displays a banner that allows suppliers to easily see how many products became non-compliant since they last logged in. Click View Exceptions in the banner to open the Catalog Exceptions page.
    • Items and Products pages for retailers and suppliers now display a percentage in the Compliance column. Any Compliance percentage less than 100% displays in red. Note that an Unknown compliance status indicates the item was not added through advanced catalog services. Learn more
    • Items and Products pages for retailers and suppliers now provide the ability to download all the images or content for the selected items via the Actions menu.
  • Channel Overrides: Enhanced to give retailers the ability to submit channel overrides via the Dsco portal, making it easier to sync retailer and supplier item data. Learn more
  • Inventory page: Enhanced by adding item checkboxes to the Grid View to easily perform bulk actions including updating assortments and handling inventory stock status.
  • Inventory, Items, and Products pages: Enhanced by adding a Clear Filters button to easily clear all applied filters and search terms from the page.
  • Order Exceptions page: Enhanced to report Days Late by number of business days instead of calendar days.
  • Added the ability for retailers to request to activate an account setting that will automatically move supplier items to a hidden status if the items have been in a discontinued status for more than 3 months. Retailers can contact CommerceHub Technical Support to enable this setting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Intermittent CORS policy errors for manual Inventory file uploads have been resolved.
  • Fixed: The ability to search by dsco_item_id and product_group on the Inventory page has been restored.

April 2022

  • Enhanced visibility and display options for inventory SKUs, making it easier for suppliers and retailers to view, organize, and perform group-wide actions.
    • Updated Inventory page with new Product Group and Retailer columns. Learn more
    • Ability to organize how inventory SKUs are displayed.
    • Ability for suppliers to download SKUs across all of their trading partners at once.
  • Improved functionality for managing items/products with Advanced Catalog.
    • New Products page for suppliers with image and list views, ability to add, remove, or sort columns, and easily upload/download product content and images. Learn more
    • New Catalog Exceptions page for suppliers to easily identify and resolve compliance errors at the attribute level. Learn more
    • Updated Items page for retailers with new display options, new status filters, and ability to add, remove, or sort columns. Learn more
  • Enhanced visibility to exceptions for retailers who have configured their Dynamic Service Level Agreement (SLA) rules.
    • Updated Supplier Summary page with additional metrics such as Cancel Requests and Order Acknowledgements. Learn more
    • Cosmetic changes to the Supplier Summary to easily see warnings and past due exceptions.
    • Ability to organize how the data is displayed.

Bug Fixes:

The following issues were resolved:

  • Fixed: Suppliers who partially ship line items on an order in the Dsco portal now have the option to either add the open line items to the existing shipment, or replace the line item on the shipment with an open line item.
  • Fixed: Users may now use the create Stream operation endpoint to filter Streams data by vendor (tradingPartnerId, trading PartnerParentId) and/or SKU.

March 2022

  • Enhanced filters and display options to easily see recent item changes for retailers using Advanced Catalog. See Viewing your suppliers' items to learn more about the additions to the Items page. Additions include:
    • Recent Activity filter
    • MSRP, Date Added, and Date Updated column options
  • Improved visibility into the delivery status of your shipments on the Order Detail page by adding a status bar to show shipment progress. See Using the Orders (New) Page for instructions on accessing the Order Detail page. Note that Delivery Status is only visible for shipments tracked by CommerceHub.

February 2022

  • Improved packing slips for partial shipments, allowing suppliers to easily edit line-item quantities before exporting packing slips. See Exporting packing slips to learn how to edit your packing slips.
  • Improved visibility to supplier warehouses to help retailers quickly search for, sort, and manage warehouses. See Retailer Warehouse Manager to learn more about the new filters.
  • Strengthened data security with the launch of Single Sign-On (SSO)! Be sure to log in to the Dsco platform with your unique email address instead of your username. See Logging in to the Dsco platform to learn more.
  • Enhanced template names to include category names, making it easier for suppliers to keep track of downloaded templates.

Bug Fixes:

We are continuously improving the Dsco platform to ensure all users have a reliable and consistent experience when using the platform.

The following issues were resolved:

  • Fixed: Retailers can now receive an export of cancel transactions, including orders cancelled while the export job is running.
  • Fixed: Users can now sort the list of trading partners on the Trading Partners page according to their filter selections.
  • Fixed: Suppliers can now use Automatic Invoicing to invoice orders that included multiple lines and were shipped in separate packages. 
  • Fixed: Retailers can now use decimals (for values to be greater than 0 but less than X) when setting up validations and Pipeline rules for shipments.
  • Fixed: Retailers can now be assured that a Pipeline rule will be triggered when a supplier uses the Bulk Update option on the Inventory page to change items to an Out-of-Stock status and does not include the required Estimated Availability Date.
  • Fixed: Retailers using API Version 3 can now receive a payload containing all relevant orders for the PO, even when the retailer splits the PO between two trading partners.
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  • it would be nice at least receive email with update and have them planned to allow retailers prepare for changes, even-though they are compatible

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