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Note: Not every retail trading partner uses advanced catalog services, which is different from the Catalog templates that are used to provide item/product data to your retail partner. For more information about uploading default Dsco Catalog/Inventory templates using the Inventory page, see Creating or Updating Inventory.

The Catalog Exceptions page provides visibility into product exceptions (products with non-compliant attributes) across your product categories. Exceptions are identified based on your retailer's catalog attribute requirements. This page is updated on a continuous basis as exceptions are created or resolved.

Here's a quick look at how compliant and non-compliant products are defined in advanced catalog services:

  • Compliant indicates a product is compliant according to existing retailer taxonomy and advanced catalog services rules.
  • Not Compliant indicates a product is not compliant according to existing retailer taxonomy and advanced catalog services rules.
  • Unknown indicates a product was not added through advanced catalog services.
  • Processing indicates images have not completed compliance processing.

Step 1: Click the Dashboard icon and select Automation & Reporting > Exceptions > Catalog Exceptions.

Step 2: The Catalog Exceptions page displays the number of products with content and image exceptions. Export the list of exceptions to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking Export for each category.

Step 3: Follow the instructions to save or open the file. The spreadsheet highlights the non-compliant attributes for each product.

For more information about common errors and how to resolve them, see Troubleshooting common errors: advanced catalog services

Step 4: To resolve the product exceptions, update the products from the spreadsheet and re-upload the spreadsheet to the corresponding category. For instructions, see Uploading your products.

When resolved, exceptions will immediately be removed from the Catalog Exceptions page.

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