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Advanced catalog services makes it easy for you to see your retailers' catalog requirements and how they categorize their items/products.

Note: Not every retail trading partner on the platform uses advanced catalog services, which is different from the basic Catalog templates that are used to provide item/product data to your retail partner. For more information about uploading basic Catalog/Inventory templates using the Inventory page, see Creating or updating inventory.

Step 1: From the navigation menu, select Workflows > Catalogs.

Step 2: The Catalogs page is displayed with the catalogs that have been created and activated by your retailer as well as attributes specific to the categories. At the top of the page, select the Retailer for which you want to add products, then select the category you would like to work on in the left-hand Catalogs column and continue to expand the subcategories until you reach the desired subcategory.


Attribute indicator colors:

  • Green = Required. Your retailer requires your items to include this attribute on upload.
  • Blue = Recommended. Your retailer does not require this attribute for the item to load, but it is recommended.
  • Gray = Optional.
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