This page contains content that is unique for suppliers connecting with Belk on CommerceHub's Dsco platform.

For questions related to the Belk drop-ship program policies/administration, please reach out to your brand's Belk merchandising representative.

For general support with CommerceHub's Dsco platform or technical questions about the drop-ship program, check out the Dsco Supplier documentation, or email our support team at

The Advanced Catalog Feature

The Advanced Catalog feature is where you can view, download, and upload the catalog requirements for your retail trading partner. CommerceHub's Dsco platform makes it easy to see how your retail partner categorizes their items, and the download tool allows you to quickly obtain a template to upload your own items. 

For information on how to add product content using Advanced Catalog:

Belk Product Attributes and Requirements

Belk has provided the following documents to help you understand their expectations for product attributes and content requirements:

  • Vendor
  • Belk PDP Vendor Requirements
  • Message on Behalf of Belk: New Advanced Catalog in the CommerceHub Dsco Platform

Please reach out to your Belk merchant with any questions you have about the program or the partnership with CommerceHub.

Here are some guidelines for uploading products for Belk:

GTIN field

Belk requires GTINs to be 13 digits long. If the GTIN is only 12 digits long, you must add a leading 0 to the GTIN. To ensure Excel displays and accepts the leadings 0s, you must: 

  • Format the column in Excel as a "text" column.
  • Type or copy/paste in the GTIN, including the leading 0.

Style Number field

Belk requires Style Numbers to be alphanumeric characters:

  • Letters A-Z (upper and lower case)
  • Numbers 0-9
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