We’re excited to announce the following enhancements to CommerceHub's Dsco platform!

New XLSX Format for File Uploads/Downloads

Suppliers and retailers may now exchange files in the XLSX format, providing more options and alternatives to the existing XLS format for capabilities such as locale-specific attributes and more inclusive character sets. Simply look for the XLSX option on select Inventory and Order processing pages in the CommerceHub Dsco platform.

New SLA Rule: Cancel Request – Accepted/Rejected for Retailers

In April 2021, we announced the new Dynamic Service Level Agreement (SLA) feature that can help improve a retailer’s visibility into order fulfillment status while helping suppliers meet customer promises. We’ve added a new Cancel Request → Accepted/Rejected metric that measures the expected time for a supplier to take action (accept or reject) on a requested cancel on an order line, after the retailer has submitted a cancel request. To learn more, go to Setting Up Your SLAs.

Updated Scheduled Actions Feature for Retailers

With the latest updates to the Scheduled Actions feature, retailers may now:

  • Start/pause suppliers on today’s date via Excel upload. You’re no longer limited to scheduling actions only for future dates.
  • View and edit Scheduled and Completed actions on the Trading Partner History page.
  • Download all currently scheduled actions.

To learn more, go to Scheduled Trading Partner Actions.

Added Catalog Schema Attribute Visibility for Retailers

We’ve added visibility for retailers to see default CommerceHub Catalog Schema attributes when building Catalog content, as well as which attributes are required, recommended, or optional. This helps improve Catalog content by preventing duplicate attributes from being created. To learn more, see Advanced Catalog Services for Retailers.

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