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This page contains documents that are unique for suppliers connecting with The Home Depot Mexico on CommerceHub's Dsco platform. The documents below have been customized for The Home Depot Mexico suppliers and should be used during both the onboarding process and when receiving live orders. 

For questions related to the The Home Depot Mexico drop-ship program policies/administration, please reach out to your brand's The Home Depot Mexico merchandising representative or reach out to the The Home Depot Mexico drop-ship program.

For onboarding support, please email CommerceHub’s Onboarding team at

For production support, check out CommerceHub’s supplier documentation or email our Technical Support team at

Onboarding with CommerceHub

To learn more about the onboarding process and your next steps, download the Onboarding Guide below. For added resources and information, navigate to CommerceHub’s Dsco Support articles below.

The Home Depot Mexico Onboarding Guide

Inventory - test SKUs

In order to keep The Home Depot Mexico's assortment accurate and reflective of sellable SKUs, you must update your test SKUs with a Hidden status. When these SKUs are Hidden, The Home Depot Mexico will receive a zero feed from CommerceHub for the following seven days, after which the item will fall off the feed. To learn more about how to update your SKUs in the Dsco platform, watch the short video below:

Required fields by workflow

The Home Depot Mexico requires certain fields for inventory, cancel, and shipment updates. You will need to ensure that you are sending all the required fields for this program. The document below will outline those required fields by workflow.

The Home Depot Mexico Required Fields by Workflow

The Home Depot Mexico Catalog Upload Template

The Home Depot Mexico Order Cancel Upload Template

The Home Depot Mexico Shipment Upload Template

The Home Depot Mexico Delivery Confirmation-Invoice Upload Template


CommerceHub provides multiple avenues for you to add to your SKU Information within the platform. The best option for you depends on a number of factors. You may need to discuss the various options with your IT and operations departments to determine the best option for your needs. To learn more about your inventory integration options, click here.

Inventory Basics

Shipping orders

The process of receiving an order is a bit different from uploading your inventory information as this is the only process in which you will be receiving information generated by your trading partner.

CommerceHub provides multiple avenues for you to get your new orders from the platform. To learn more about your order integration options, click here.

Order shipment basics


Just as with inventory and orders, invoices can also be managed directly through CommerceHub. Suppliers can upload their invoices to CommerceHub and the platform will handle the rest of the transmission to The Home Depot Mexico in their desired format. To learn more about your invoice integration options, click here.

Invoice basics

Packing slips

You are required to download packing slips and include them in your shipments. Packing slips can be downloaded in CommerceHub’s Dsco platform.

If you prefer to create your own packing slips, this document provides instructions for replicating The Home Depot Mexico’s packing slips. Once you have created your packing slips, please submit samples to The Home Depot Mexico for approval.

The Home Depot Mexico Packing Slip Guide

The Home Depot Mexico Logos

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