This is the fastest option for removing shipment information for just a handful of orders. The Dsco portal enables you to remove shipments one order at a time. Removing the shipment information does not change the order status.

Follow the steps below to remove shipment info from your orders:

Step 1: Log into Dsco and select ORDERS and then ALL ORDERS.

Step 2: Using the portal's search function, find and select the PO you wish to edit.

Step 3: Locate the Packages information area and select the red minus button next to the shipment information you wish to remove:

Step 4: Though not required, the recommended practice is to include a reason for the removal. Then confirm that you want to remove the shipment information by selecting the I am sure. Delete it! button. 

Shipment information will be deleted immediately, after which new shipment information can be provided. 

Note that if the old shipment information had already been exported to your trading partner, removing that information and adding new shipment information will cause Dsco to export the new shipment information automatically (assuming your trading partner has automatic exports set up).

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