Scheduling Trading Partner Actions is a tool that can be extremely useful for Retailers. It allows you to jump ahead of the game, plan for the future, and efficiently Start or Pause trading with one, a few, or many suppliers all at once. Below is an in depth guide explaining how to use this useful feature.

Process for Starting/Pausing Actions in the Dsco Portal

Note that for Starting the Scheduled Actions and Stopping the Scheduled Actions, the process is the same, it just depends on whether you are trying to Start or Stop the Actions.

To begin, you will go to the TRADING PARTNERS > CURRENT tab on the left hand navigation bar. On that page, you will see a list of all of your Trading Partners. With the Trading Partner that you would either like to Start or Stop, you will click on the settings gear matched with that respective Trading Partner. This is under the ACTIONS button on the far right. This is called the Configure Settings button. It appears as such.  

The page will look like this. To proceed, go under the Scheduled Action portion of the page, and click on the Action drop down menu. You will either have the option to start or pause the Trading Partner. You can then click on the date, and decide when you would like to either start or pause the Trading Partner. You then scroll down to the bottom and hit the SAVE SETTINGS button. It is now scheduled to either start or pause on the date that you customized. 

Process for Starting/Pausing Scheduled Actions in Excel

To start, click the Navigation icon and select PARTNERS. Next, click TRADING PARTNERS and select CURRENT. On the next page, you will see a list of all of your Trading Partners.

Next select the SCHEDULED ACTIONS button in the top right corner, next to DOWNLOAD ALL RESULTS

On the next page, you will be able to view all of your currently scheduled actions. To schedule new actions, select the UPLOAD SCHEDULED ACTIONS button.

The next page includes a large paragraph of instructions on how to properly format the excel file used to schedule those actions. Please review those instructions to make sure you understand how to format the file. When you're ready, select the DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE button on the top right of this page. 

This is the template that you will use to upload back to the website once it is filled out and complete. You will then need to populate each of the columns listed in the instructions. These columns include: dsco_account_id or dsco_trading_partner_id; scheduled_action_date; and lastly scheduled action. The scheduled_action_reason is optional. The arrows indicate the columns that are required for you to fill out. When completed, your excel sheet should similar to the screenshot below. 

Remember, the upload is case sensitive. This means that if you accidentally write the word "play" with a capital p like "Play" the process will fail. Similarly, the date needs to be in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. Otherwise, the process will fail. 

Once finished, select the Choose File button, select the Excel File from your computer, and then select the UPLOAD button. The next page will show you the results of your upload for each line in your file, identifying which actions were uploaded successfully with a success or failure status. Make sure to check the status of line in the file to make sure that it worked. If not, check to make sure that you populated the Excel cells correctly with the proper format, as noted in the text above. 

You can immediately see the results of your upload at the bottom of the page. Clicking the VIEW SCHEDULED ACTIONS button in the bottom right will show you a list of  all your pending actions, including the actions you just uploaded.

Here you will be able to review the date that the scheduled action with go into either play or pause, the time and date this transaction was established, and the reason for either playing or pausing this action.

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