Dsco has provided an EXCEPTIONS page to help you isolate and handle any issues that arise from your data exchanges. This is designed as a one stop location to view errors and quickly resolve them. Exceptions will enforce all rules standard to the Dsco platform and any additional rules from your trading partner.

For example, if you find that several of your shipments failed due to a missing tracking number those failures (or exceptions) will show on the EXCEPTIONS page. From there you can view the failed shipments and even provide tracking in the moment to resolve and fulfill the order.

This page covers all other processes such as inventory updates, order creation, invoice submissions, and more.

Viewing the Exceptions Page

Step 1: Navigate to the EXCEPTIONS page on the left menu.

Step 2: From there you will see a list of your exceptions, starting from most recent.

In this example, Invoice 55172506 failed to create because it was submitted without a total amount.

3. You can also filter and view exceptions based on their severity:

Error: The exception caused update to reject completely. 

Warning: The update has still been processed, but a warning as been issued. These warnings are useful when your retailer may be planning to enforce a new requirement, but wants to give you time to adjust your data feed before actually rejecting those updates. 

Info: The update has still been processed along with an informational message. This is the least impactful severity but may hold useful information about your data.

Resolving Exceptions

1. Select the exception you would like to resolve and it will expand to a detailed view.

In this example, Dsco is providing options to fix (a) the invoice total and (b) provide a valid UPC code.

2. Fill out the appropriate fields to resolve the exception and click Save.

3. Once resolved, exceptions will immediately clear from the page. If you see a "No Exceptions Found" message, congratulations! Give yourself a big pat on the back because you've successfully resolved all your data exceptions.

Exceptions can be resolved outside of the EXCEPTIONS page as well. For example, re-submitting the invoice with a valid total amount via an upload or other process will cause this exception to drop off the page.

Important Note: The EXCEPTIONS page can only display errors with data that has been delivered and processed in your Dsco account. If there is an issue with your data feeds not making it to Dsco in the first place, those will not be able to appear as exceptions. Please reach out to support@dsco.io for help in diagnosing missing data feeds.

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