Would you like to have one place to document everything that has gone wrong in 2020, and then FIX it?

Well, we can’t do it for everything in 2020, but we can do it for your drop ship program! We’ve got new tools to manage your exceptions and notifications...


Dsco has provided an EXCEPTIONS page to help you isolate and handle any issues that arise from your data exchanges. This is designed as a one stop location to view errors and quickly resolve them. Exceptions will enforce all rules standard to the Dsco platform and any additional rules from your trading partner.

Here’s more on how to use the new tool: Exceptions Page.


We will also be releasing a new NOTIFICATIONS page to go hand in hand with exception management. When mistakes happen, it’s critical to get notified in a timely manner so you can resolve issues. 

This new page will let you make sure the right people are in the know. Learn more about the Notifications page here: Configuring Notification Preferences.

If you have any questions, you can reach our support team through our live chat or by emailing support@dsco.io.

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