As part of Nordstrom's initiative to build upon its drop ship solution, we will begin enforcing new data field requirements in Dsco starting on October 01, 2020. After October 01, 2020 these fields will be enforced on the Dsco platform and any inventory, shipment, or cancellation feed without those fields will be rejected. The new required fields are as follows:

  • CANCEL: Order Cancel Reason - All cancellations must provide a cancellation reason or description.

  • CANCEL: Cancel Reason Code - All cancellations must provide a cancel reason code. See the article on Cancel Codes in Dsco.

  • INVENTORY: Warehouse Location - All items with positive inventory must have quantities assigned to a warehouse. See the article on Warehouse Management in Dsco to set up your warehouse(s).

  • SHIPMENT: Package Warehouse Code - All shipment updates must include the warehouse code the item is being shipped from. This warehouse code is set up in your Dsco account (see warehouse article link above).

New Requirements by Integration Type

Below is a chart detailing where these new data fields are to be sent depending on your integration:

Note for EDI Integrations: These fields are only supported through the new Dsco Standard EDI mappings. If you are still using the old Nordstrom EDI spec, see our documentation on how to migrate to Dsco EDI: Migration from Nordstrom EDI to Dsco EDI.

Note for API Integrations: Please reference this article for the new fields that should be included on your JSON: API Model Documentation.

New Field Manual File Upload 
(.csv, .xls, etc)
Dsco Standard
Order Cancel Code Dsco Portal
Cancel File Upload:
EDI 870:
ISR*IC**[ISR cancel code here]~
Order Cancel Reason
Dsco Portal
Cancel File Upload:
EDI 870:
REF*TD*[reason here]*order_cancel_reason~
Inventory Warehouse Location Dsco Portal
Inventory/Catalog File Upload:
*only needed if more than one warehouse listed on Warehouse Manager*
EDI 846:
*only needed if more than one warehouse listed on Warehouse Manager*
LIN**SK*[sku here]*UP*[upc here]~
QTY*33*[total quantity]*EA~
LIN**SK*[sku here]*UP*[upc here]~
QTY*33*[warehouse quantity]*EA~
N1*SE*[warehouse name here]*ZZ*[warehouse code here]~
Shipment Package Warehouse Code Dsco Portal
Shipment File Upload:
EDI 856:
REF*CN*[tracking number here]~
REF*ZZ*[warehouse code here]*package_warehouse_code~

EDI Sample Documents can be found here: EDI Model Documentation

Dsco support will be standing by to help answer questions on how to implement these new field requirements.

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