Dsco has improved the TRADING PARTNERS page to include additional insight into the ways your partners are connected to Dsco. 

Along with managing your partners, you can now view the health and status of their data pipelines running to and from Dsco.

For information on data pipelines reference our Pipelines article

To access the TRADING PARTNERS page, just select the TRADING PARTNERS link at the top of the Dsco page.

Once on the page, you will see all the current trading partners you've connected with listed on your account. In addition, you will be able to view details such as the partner's connection status, onboarding step, and data workflows.

Tip: You can now search on any parameter to find your Trading Partner. Makes you want to dance, right?

Select the three dot menu on the top right to customize what columns you would like to see and what order to place them in.

Hover over any of your trading partners to view the icons to disconnect, pause/unpause, or refresh inventory for any one of your trading partners. 

Trading Partner Details

Selecting any of your trading partners will bring you to the TRADING PARTNER DETAIL page where you will be able to view their contact information, pipeline workflows, and exceptions. This page will also allow you to input any trading partner name or ID you would like to associate with them.

Trading Partner Filters

You can further filter the TRADING PARTNERS page by selecting the filter icon on the top left. Any adjustments made to the filter will remain in place for the specific user the next time they log into Dsco.

You can also set the timeframe period that you would like to view your partners' pipeline data.

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