• Tracking Labels: Dsco now supports tracking label data to be stored in shipment data through two new fields… “has_dsco_label” (boolean) and “dsco_label_transaction” (string).

  • Gandalf: Added additional validation ability for Gandalf regarding new retailer requirements.

  • Reserved Inventory: Added new functionality for “Reserved Inventory."


  • Order Creation: Fixed bug where orders were being assigned duplicate sub-order IDs on creation. This was causing issues with order exports.

  • Ship from Store: Isolated and corrected a case where there was a misalignment on total quantities vs store quantities for particular items.

  • Flat File Shipments: Corrected an issue with flat file processing for orders with multiple lines and multiple packages. Dsco will allow shipments to update for orders with multi-lines/packages, provided the SKU values are unique and delivered in sequential order on the flat file.

  • Invoice Exports: Fixed bug where the “line_item_retailer_id” would occasionally go missing from Invoice downloads.

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