• Onboarding & Testing: The Gandalf testing wizard will no longer try to validate rules on hidden or discontinued items. This is especially helpful for suppliers who re-activate Gandalf to test new integration methods.


  • Portal: Fixed an issue where some linked suppliers were not showing on a retailer’s inventory page portal view.
  • Onboarding & Testing: Corrected a problem with the Gandalf testing wizard enforcing unnecessary “ship cost & date” attributes for select suppliers. They shall now pass.
  • EDI: Fixed an issue where the Dsco 870 was not importing cancellation reason from the REF*TD segment.
  • EDI: Corrected issue where the ship-date time on 856s were not being mapped properly from the DTM segment.
  • EDI: Deployed a hot fix on a bug that was causing incorrect dates to return on 997s; specifically in the ISA09 and GS04 elements.
  • Trading Partners: Fixed a bug that showed some accounts as “activated” even when not initiated by the trading partner.
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