• NEW FEATURE! Reports: Configurable Reports for Trading Partners has been released. This allows Retailers to customize reports on behalf of their suppliers. Read our article for more information: Configurable Reports for Trading Partners.
  • Dashboard: Adjustments added to the dashboard to include new metrics and day/week filter feature.
  • EDI - Cancel Code: Added EDI ISR03 code “W13” to Dsco’s documentation and functionality. This code is mapped to the “Not Enough Stock” reason code in Dsco.


  • Catalog: Corrected functionality so the product status of an item will update from “pending” status to “active” status once the ‘product_availabliity_start_date’ has passed.

  • Dashboard: Fixed a dashboard timezone discrepancy where some orders were being removed or shifted to alternate dates.

  • Dashboard: Trading partner metrics are now filtered to apply to all sections of the dashboard.

  • Portal: Fixed an issue where bad estimated ship dates were being allowed to enter via the portal.

  • Shipping Science: Unintended carrier/methods were allowed to be used for cases when shipping science priorities were not set for suppliers.

  • API: Fixed issue where webhook events were not being triggered when different quantities on an order were shipped at different times.

  • Cancellations: Fixed issue where retailers were unable to use a file upload to cancel orders with line items from multiple suppliers.

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