Audience: Retailers

Retailers often have specific metrics and targets they would like their trading partners to meet. Previously, you would have to rely on your trading partner to sift through their data and create their own reports based on parameters you tell them.  This often leads to miscommunication and incorrect reporting.

CommerceHub allows retailers to create reports tailored specifically for their suppliers. This article will show you how to pre-configure a custom report that your trading partner can run from their own account.

Step 1: Click the Dashboard icon and select Automation & Reporting > Reports.

Step 2: Click Configure Report for Trading Partners to configure the report options.

Step 3: Select a report type you would like to configure for your trading partners.

Step 4: Configure the report as needed and make sure All is selected for the Trading Partner field. When completed, click Save.

Tip: To make sure your suppliers know who created and owns this report, we recommend including your business name in the Configuration Name field. Here’s an example: “Invoice Report for Retailer ABC.”

Supplier's View

Before a report can be sent, the supplier must acknowledge it.

When a supplier goes to their REPORTS page, they will see a button where they can schedule the report that was created.

Suppliers can configure the timing of the report and who the report should be emailed to each day.

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