The new Dsco ORDERS page gives you the functionality to view, filter, and sort orders in the portal as you see fit. This article will walk you through how to configure the page to meet your business needs.

Setting Up the Display

Dsco's new ORDERS page gives users the ability to customize and sort orders based on a variety of options. 

Click on the menu on the top right of the display table to select fields you want to display. You can also drag and drop to arrange the order of columns as well.

Filtering Orders

Selecting the filters icon will allow you to set parameters on the what is getting displayed on the orders page. After setting the parameters, click outside the box for the filter(s) to take effect.

You can add as many filters as needed for your search. To remove a filter click the 'x' icon on the specific parameter.

Order Detail Page

To see a specific order, select a PO number to view the order detail page. This page will provide order details such as name, address, shipping, and other pertinent information on the order. 

You can also view the Order History at the bottom of the page for information on actions taken on the order, including imports and exports.

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