Happy Halloween! Today we are giving everyone a special treat with two new features that are so cool it’s scary...


We are happy to introduce the new Dsco Fulfillment Page. This page allows suppliers to easily view and complete their open orders through the Dsco portal in a quick and efficient way.

What makes the Fulfillment Page so amazing you ask? Orders on this page are automatically prioritized by the  “ship by date,” and can be sorted by PO number, SKU, title, size, or a variety of other factors that matter to you. From there you can update orders with tracking in just a few clicks.

See our video demonstration of the new Fulfillment Page here: Video Demo.

Read our supporting documentation on the new Fulfillment page here: Dsco Portal - Fulfillment Page.


For those of you who deal with reports this next one's for you!

Dsco now supports configurable reports that can be automatically scheduled and exported to you via email. You can set up the reports specific to a user or the account generally and then have them delivered to your inbox; all without having to login to the Dsco portal. 

Check out our reports article for more information: Dsco Reports.

If you have any questions, you can reach our support team through our live chat or by emailing support@dsco.io.

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