The Fulfillment page is a powerful tool for suppliers to quickly identify and ship their pending orders through the web application. Orders are first organized according to the "Ship by Date" and separated by line item so it's clear which orders need to get out the door first. 

The Fulfillment page also provides the ability to sort and filter orders based on other criteria important to your drop ship operation.

Using the Fulfillment Page

Setting up the display

The Fulfillment page gives suppliers the ability to customize and sort the way they want to show orders that still need shipment data. Click on any column header to sort your orders by that field. Note that the "Ship by Date" will always be the primary sort filter within the field selected.

To add or remove columns, click on the three dot menu on the top right of the display table to select what PO attributes you would like to display.

You can also drag and drop to adjust the order the columns will display in.

You can also configure the primary Date parameter in the drop-down menu. The four date display options are: (1) Create Date, (2) Ship by Date, (3) Expected Delivery Date, and (4) Required Delivery Date.

Fulfilling Orders

To ship orders on the fulfillment page, you can hover over a PO and select the icon to acknowledge, add tracking, or cancel orders. You can also check multiple boxes on the left side of orders to update multiple orders at the same time.

When shipping an order, you will see a dialog pop up which gives you the option to assign packages to SKUs, set the shipment method, and add tracking numbers as needed.

Once a tracking number has been submitted, the platform will automatically update the order as shipped.

Note: Once an order has either been updated as shipped or cancelled it will drop off the Fulfillment page. You can still access/view the order by going to the Orders page.

Using the Filters

You can also use other filter settings to focus the Fulfillment page to suite your needs. For example, selecting the filter icon next to "Ship by Date" allows you specify the type of orders to display based on the date or expedited shipping needs.

You can also batch select orders based on their status being created or acknowledged.

Remember, the Fulfillment page is designed to make your shipping operation faster and easier than ever. 

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