• Automated Configurable Reports: Reports can now be saved on and automated to run on a schedule. These configurations can be linked to a single user or an account at large. For more information see this support article: Dsco Reports.

  • EDI: Ensured that filenames for 997 functional acknowledgements will now be unique via the use of process IDs vs. timestamps. This will improve the EDI experience for high volume accounts using an As2 integration.

  • Projected Dates: Dsco will allow for projected dates to be in the past as per Retailer restrictions within a window. This includes invoice net due dates, terms, shipments, and other projected dates that can be submitted by suppliers.


  • Warehouses: Corrected an issue where accounts with single warehouses were not able to zero out item quantities using a flat file (.xls, .csv, etc).

  • Gandalf: Improvements to test wizard user interface.

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