• Returns: Added a new feature where retailers can require orders to be invoiced before allowing a return.
  • Invoice: Invoices can now be created with field “supplier_order_number” as well as “po_number”. 
  • API: The endpoint GET /v2/order/status now includes “line_item_line_number”.


  • EDI 856: Fixed issue where retailer fill/kill policy was blocking EDI 856 shipment updates for line items with multiple tracking numbers.
  • Notifications: Corrected issue where invalid errors were created for successful shipment updates on EDI 856s. This was specifically for certain orders with multi-line and multi-tracking updates.
  • Shipment Template: Fixed an issue where shipments with only the identifier “dsco_order_id” were being rejected.
  • Line Item Cost: Restored the feature that populates supplier “cost” in the “expected_cost” field for orders where the expected cost is not provided by the retailer.
  • Partial Shipments: Fixed a bug that was blocking suppliers from closing orders if they had multiple lines ship under a single tracking and a partial shipment was previously provided.

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