This page contains documents that are unique for suppliers connecting with REI on Dsco. The documents below have been customized for REI suppliers and should be used during both the onboarding process and when receiving live orders. 

For questions related to the REI dropship program, please reach out to your brand's REI merchandising representative. You can also find documentation on the REI dropship program at the REI Partner Site.

For general support help with Dsco, you can check out the Dsco supplier documentation or email our support team at 

Required Fields by Workflow

REI requires certain fields for inventory, order, and invoice updates. You will need to ensure that you are sending all the required fields for this program. To view the required fields see download the document below.

REI Dropship Program Guidelines

REI has provided documentation on dropship program guidelines that can be accessed through their REI Partner Site. You will be able to find details on program SLAs, photography requirements, typical timelines, etc. through that site.

Once on the REI Partner Site follow this trail to locate the dropship program guidelines:

-Vendor Guides & Transportation > VIF Vendor Information-

Onboarding with Dsco

Here is a short overview of the Dsco onboarding process.

Review the PDF below to get a head start on your onboarding process with Dsco.


Live Webinar for REI - May 1, 2020 (Recording)

Dsco hosted a special webinar for all REI suppliers going through their first onboarding experience. This webinar covered the basics of Dsco, went through the Gandalf setup wizard, and answered questions from new suppliers starting with REI.

EDI Documentation

If you're going to be exchanging EDI documents with Dsco for REI then you will be using the Dsco standard EDI specifications. Click here for the Dsco EDI spec.

NOTE: In the Dsco EDI specifications there are two versions for the 850 file: version 4010, and 5010.  For REI it is required that you utilize the 5010 version for 850 files. All other files (i.e., 846, 856, 870, 810) will be the 4010 version.

REI requires the following EDI documents for the drop ship program:

  • 846 Inventory Advice
  • 850 Purchase Order (5010v)
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN)
  • 870 Order Status (Cancel)
  • 810 Invoice
  • 997 Acknowledgment

Packing Slip Guide

Use the PDF below to create your in-house packing slip and map fields on order files from Dsco to the packing slip.

REI uses UPS to fulfill orders.  Below are the methods you can expect to receive.  You can also see this list and configure you own carrier/service codes within the portal:

Carrier: UPS

Methods: Ground (UPCG), Standard (UPSS), Surepost (UPSP), Surepost Lightweight (USPL),  2nd Day Air (U2DA), Next Day Air (UNDA), Next Day Air Saver (UNAS)

REI Vendor Inventory Fulfillment (VIF) Label FAQ

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