When it comes to a drop ship program, teamwork is key. This is why Dsco has been hard at work enhancing user management on the platform and giving the number crunchers on your team better tools to dive into their data.


Some teams are small, while others can be large. In either case, Dsco has released updates to help admins create and manage many users on their account. 

Among the improvements, admins no longer need to worry about creating passwords for new users, and can upload a batch spreadsheet to create a group of new users rather than manually generating each one.  

You can read about how user management works on our support page: User Management.


Earlier this year we introduced our Reports page where you can run data rich reports on every aspect of your Dsco account. In addition, we have been adding pre-built reports to make it easier for users to take action on the data that matters most.

For example, suppliers can now run a pre-built “Open Orders” report for a quick view of orders needing their attention. On the retailer side, the “Item Status” report is available to see a breakdown of item statuses organized by trading partner.

All this and more can be found on your REPORTS page in Dsco.

For more information see our support page: Dsco Reports.

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