Dsco has a new face! Our design team has been hard at work updating the Dsco portal to make it sleeker and friendlier to use. It’s still the same Dsco functionality, but with a design that is easier on the eyes.

Key Highlights

Modern layout for improved navigation.

The main navigation has been moved vertical and placed on the left side of the application. This location keeps the menu constantly visible in order to give the user quick access to areas in the portal. The side navigation menu can also be collapsed to free up more space. 

Updated typography for better readability.

New fonts were chosen based on their versatility, legibility and small file size. For tables and lists, a monospaced font is being used. This means that all numbers and letters are aligned in neat rows and makes scanning the columns and rows easier.

Simplified color palette and new icon library.

The user will be able to more clearly identify what is an action item and what fields are required. Google’s material icons provide visual consistency. Each icon has been chosen for a distinct and clear depiction of their action.

Login to Dsco to see the new user interface HERE.

If you have any questions, you can reach our support team through our live chat or by emailing support@dsco.io.

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  • Our company has started using the new layout this week. The only comment so far is when invoicing, you have to scroll to the right to see Total Charge. When it becomes busy such as during Xmas and processing 50 or orders a day, scrolling to the right each time is going to be cumbersome. I recommend that it all shows on one page like in the past.

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