3...2...1… LAUNCH!

Dsco has lifted off some great new products on the platform, and we are excited to show off your new “Drop Ship” upgrades:


Every Captain of a “Drop Ship” needs a reliable dashboard, which is why Dsco has provided you with the latest and greatest.

The Dashboard page has been updated to provide you real time visual data on your drop ship program. You can view your current fulfillment rates, ship on-time stats, and even financials on where you are tracking.

View the new Dashboard page in the Dsco portal, or see our support page for more info: The Dsco Dashboard.


Are you ready to really crunch the numbers of your drop ship program? 

Dsco has you covered with a powerful, advanced reporting tool. The new Reports page will provide configurable reporting for virtually any metric you would like data on. From order counts to item fulfillment rates Dsco can give you complete visibility into your drop ship program.

For steps on how to access and run reports, visit our support site: Dsco Reports.


We’ve heard feedback from our partners on changes needed around order statuses. Those changes are underway!

Over the next few months, Dsco will be releasing a new method of handling order lifecycles. This will simplify and streamline the process of managing order data to allow retailers and suppliers to focus on selling more perfectly.

For information on the new Dsco order lifecycle as well as a transition schedule, please visit our support site: Dsco's New Order Lifecycle.

You can always reach our support team through our live chat or by emailing support@dsco.io.

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