We are happy to introduce order Cancellation Codes to the Dsco platform. These codes allow both retailers and suppliers to share exact details on what went wrong with a cancelled order.

In addition, you can customize the Dsco's cancellation codes that you want to use by using the Cancel Code Mapping tool. This article will show you how to use the cancel codes as well as setup your cancel code mapping.

How to Use Cancellation Codes

1) Follow the steps in the portal to get to the order's Cancellation page: Cancel a Line Item in Dsco.

2) You should now see a dropdown where you can select the Reason Code behind the cancellation.

Here are the reasons you can assign to a cancellation return:

Note: Not all cancellation codes listed here may be available to you. These codes are determined by the retailer via the CANCEL CODE MAPPING page (see below).

Cancellation Reason Description
Out of Stock The item(s) ordered are currently out-of-stock.
Discontinued The item(s) ordered are currently discontinued.
Bad Address The shipping address on the order is incorrect or invalid.
Invalid Ship Instructions Shipping instructions are invalid.
Can't Ship On Time Supplier cannot ship the item(s) by a required delivery date.
Cancelled at Retailer Request Retailer requested the supplier to cancel the item(s).
Other Any other reason not covered by a cancellation code.

You can apply the same cancel code for an entire order, OR different cancellation codes for each line item on an order.

Cancellation Code Mapping

If you want to use a different code to identify the cancellation reasons, go to the Cancel Code Mapping tool by clicking on SETTINGS > CANCEL CODE MAPPING. 

From there you can view the list of Reason Codes assigned to each cancellation. Click on the Customize box to input your own custom reason code:

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