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Cancellation codes allow both retailers and suppliers to share exact details on what went wrong with a cancelled order.

In addition, you can customize the Dsco's cancellation codes that you want to use by using the Cancel Code Mapping tool. This article will show you how to use the cancel codes as well as set up your cancel code mapping.

Supported Cancellation Reasons

Here are the reasons you can assign to a cancellation:

Note: Not all cancellation codes listed here may be available to you. These codes are determined by the retailer via the CANCEL CODE MAPPING page (see below).

EDI users should reference the "EDI ISR03 Code" rather than the "Dsco Cancel Code" (suppliers only).

Initiated by... Cancellation Reason Dsco Cancel Code EDI ISR03 Code
Supplier Out of Stock CXSS
The item(s) ordered are currently out-of-stock.
Discontinued CXSD
A83 The item(s) ordered are currently discontinued.
Not Enough Stock CXSN
W13 The item(s) ordered are not out of stock, but there is not enough stock to fulfill the order.
Bad Address/
Incorrect Address
The shipping address on the order is incorrect or invalid.
Invalid Ship Instructions CXSI
Shipping instructions are invalid.
Can't Ship On Time CXST
Supplier cannot ship the item(s) by a required delivery date.
Cancelled at Retailer Request CXSC
Retailer requested the supplier to cancel the item(s).
Other CXSO
Any other reason not covered by a cancellation code.
Retailer Customer Regret CXRR
N/A Order cancelled at customer request.
Retailer Fraud
N/A Fraudulent purchase.
Retailer Non-compliant
N/A Processing delay by the supplier.
Retailer Order Expiry - Late Shipment CXLS N/A Order has not been shipped by supplier, cancelled by retailer. 
Retailer Other CXRO N/A Any other reason not covered by a cancellation code.

How to Use Cancel Codes - PORTAL

Step 1: Follow the steps in the portal to get to the order's Cancellation page: Cancel a Line Item in Dsco.

Step 2: You should now see a drop-down where you can select the Reason Code behind the cancellation.

How to Use Cancel Codes - FLAT FILE (.XLS, .CSV, .TAB)

Cancel codes can be indicated on any flat file by using the "line_item_cancel_code" field. See this example from a .XLS spreadsheet:

You can reference the Dsco schema and download the cancellation template here: Dsco Data Schema

How to Use Cancel Codes - EDI

The Dsco EDI spec supports cancel codes given on the 870. Specifically, you can indicate this code on the ISR03 segment.



This segment is indicating that the order is cancelled (IC), the date stamp, and the reason code being "out-of-stock" (W01). Please see the list of Support Cancellation codes below, and note that EDI has its own set of ISR03 codes outside of the default Dsco codes. 

For those using the original Kohl's EDI 856 mapping for cancellations, the cancel code should be included on the REF 'ZZ' segment. The ISR03 code should be given on REF02 with 'line_item_cancel_code' on REF03.



Updated Kohl's 856 specifications can be accessed here.

How to Use Cancel Codes - API

For API users, please include a "cancelCode" string with the appropriate code to your Order Status updates.


    "cancelCode": "CXSD",

    "cancelledQuantity": 1,

The "CXSD" code indicates that the quantity cancelled was due to being discontinued. 

For additional information you can reference the API Order Status documentation here.

Cancel Code Mapping

If you want to use something other than the Dsco default codes to identify the cancellation reasons or to view cancel codes specific to your trading partner, use the Cancel Code Mapping tool. 

Warning! If you are using EDI to send in cancel codes, the Cancel Code Mapper will not apply to you. Instead, please use the ISR03 standard codes listed on the table above.

Step 1: Click the Dashboard icon and select Settings > Mapping Settings

Step 2: On the Mapping Settings page, click Cancel Code Mapping.

Step 3: The page expands to display a list of all cancel reasons and codes. From here, you can:

  • View cancel codes enabled by your trading partner (highlighted rows).
  • Customize your own cancel codes.
    1. Select the Customize checkbox and add the custom Reason Code.
    2. Click Save Changes. You can now send your own customized code for any order cancellation.
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