Send small numbers of item catalog updates in one request, up to five megabytes of total payload.

Method POST


Url Params none
Body ItemCatalog[]
Response JSON SmallBatchAsyncUpdateResponse
Request Headers Standard headers
Request Size Limit 5 megabytes
Rate limit No more than 10 calls per second to this API


Use this API to send small amounts of item catalog update objects (up to five megabytes worth) in a single API call - note if you use gzip encoding you will be able to send more item catalog objects in a single request. The API will receive the inventory updates and process them after the fact, returning an HTTP response immediately.  Developers may call the CatalogChangeLog API to determine what happened.

Dsco computes that if a partner sent every attribute possible on the ItemCatalog object (for a size of ~6600 bytes) for each object included in the request without using gzip encoding each request could handle roughly 800 objects no problem.   At 10 a second that means in one minute Dsco could receive close to one million ItemCatalog objects to be updated.  With gzip encoding turned on this would increase by a measurable percent.

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