View changes Dsco made to inventory, including failed attempts to change inventory.

Method GET


Url Params See below
Body none
Response JSON ItemCatalogChangeLogResponse
Request Headers Standard headers


Use this API to find out what item catalog update changes were requested and of those which were successful or not.  Note that item catalogs may be updated either via APIs, file upload feeds or manually via the Dsco customer portal.  This API will return record of item catalog change regardless of which method was used to make the change.

Request Url Params

Param Name Req Type Description
startDate isodate The start date to retrieve catalog update logs from, inclusive
endDate isodate The end date to retrieve catalog update logs from, exclusive
enum A status to filter the results to, one of the following...
  • pending
    Only including changes still pending in the result
  • success
    Only include changes that succeeded in the result
  • failure
    Only include changes that failed in the result
  • success_or_failure
    Only include changes that either succeeded or failed in the result
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