A log of a single request to change the inventory for an item that could have come from a file or from an API and the request may have succeeded or failed.

  • isodate fields use one of these ISO 8601 formats: 2014-01-01T10:30:00.000+01:00, 2014-01-01T10:30:00.000+0100, 2014-01-01T10:30:00.000Z
  • Dsco reserves the right to add new attributes at any time so Partners should ensure their validators won't break should this happen


Name Req Type Description
payload ItemInventory The inventory object containing the change that was requested
dateProcessed isodate The date the request was actually processed
status enum The status of the change, one of...
  • pending
    The change is still being made
  • success
    The change was successfully made
  • failure
    The change failed, look at the results attribute
requestMethod enum How the request was made, one of...
  • api
  • portal
  • file
string The ID of the API request that included the request to make this change if done via an API.
string The ID of the file process that  included the request to make this change id done via file procdess
array of object
- code: string
- severity: enum
    info, warn, error
- description: string
The list of results that apply to the payload where each entry in the list has a code identifying what happened where a severity of error means the change was not made and info and warn means it was made
ApiResponseMessage[] A list of messages about what happened


    "payload": <ItemInventoryObject>,
    "dateProcessed": "2019-05-01T11:31:10.001Z",
    "status": "success",
    "requestMethod": "api",
    "requestId": "0371a38d-93da-4c9e-b13f-ce7db95e1c63"
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