This is V3 of the Rithum API.  V3 is being released an API at a time as it comes online. Full documentation for each available V3 endpoint can be found here:

1. Accessing the APIs

The endpoint for the production V3 APIs is...

The endpoint for the staging V3 APIs is...

2. Retailer or Supplier

Are you acting as a Retailer or a Supplier when invoking the Rithum APIs?

 Your account was assigned either a Retailer or Supplier role when it was set up and the required params for the APIs can differ depending on your Account Role.

It's possible that both a retailer and supplier account were created for you. When interacting with the APIs, you will need to use the correct account depending on what you are trying to do.

A supplier account commonly will want to acknowledge orders, change order statuses, add shipping/tracking information to an order, etc.

A retailer account will often want to create orders, check on order statuses, get order tracking information, etc.

3. OAuth Security

You will be provided an OAuth security token which will need to accompany each API call as an http header - more on this later. For now, make sure you have one for your account.

If you don't have one, please email the Software Support team and title your email, "Need Oauth Token". Make sure to include the name of your organization and your account information in the body of the email.

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