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The table below outlines the most common errors with inbound data.

Error Cause Resolution
Duplicate SKU/UPC/EAN value found Basic system requirements prohibit two or more items in the same account from sharing a UPC, Partner_SKU, EAN, ISBN, or GTIN. Ensure every item in your spreadsheet has a unique UPC/EAN. If needed, remove the UPC/EAN value, or discontinue the incorrect SKU in your inventory.
Invalid UPC/EAN submitted Basic system requirements enforce character limits for UPC values (12 digits) and EAN values (13 digits). Ensure your UPC/EAN values meet the character limits. Tip: You can use =len() in Excel to confirm the length of your UPC/EAN values.
The warehouse quantities specified are not aligned with the total quantity specified The warehouse quantities do not add up to the total quantity. Ensure your warehouse quantities add up to the total quantity.
Duplicate partner SKU/UPC/EAN value found (dsco_item_id: [ID value]) An existing product already uses this Partner SKU. The product may be in your own Dsco account or in another trading partner account assigned to the retailer. This error means that an item in your account is already associated with the partner SKU/UPC/EAN in your file. Look up the Dsco Item ID in the error on your Inventory page. Follow the instructions in the Hiding Items in bulk using a csv file to remove that partner SKU/UPC/EAN from the existing item, or assign the items in your file brand new partner SKU/UPC/EAN values.
Cannot ship quantity [qty] for SKU [sku], 0 quantity are available on PO [po_number]

Cannot ship quantity [qty] for SKU [sku], [qty_available] quantity are available and [ship_qty] have already shipped on PO [po_number]

Cannot ship quantity [qty] for SKU [sku], [qty_available] quantity are available on PO [po_number]
A SKU on the order is unable to have shipment information added to it. This could be because the item (a) does not exist on the PO, (b) has already been shipped, or (c) has been cancelled. Ensure you provide the correct ship quantities and PO information.
The following EDI Segments are required for an 856 transaction but were not provided or not complete (______) The EDI file sent is formatted incorrectly OR is missing segments in the data. Check the Import job to ensure it is set to the right standard, such as the standard Dsco EDI specifications. Ensure you provide all required segments.
0 qty available (x number requested) to ship A line item was shipped with another tracking number or was cancelled. Check the status of line items in your file. If they are already shipped or cancelled, remove them from the file and reload.
PO ________ is not marked as "shipped" yet. Currently: shipment pending The order cannot be invoiced because it does not contain tracking/shipment data. Mark the order as Shipped and resubmit the invoice.
Unable to invoice quantity 1 for SKU " ________", 0 are left to be invoiced The SKU has already been invoiced. Remove SKU quantities that have already been invoiced and resubmit the invoice.
SKU "________" is not available for invoicing because it is marked as "cancelled." The SKU has already been invoiced. Remove cancelled SKUs and resubmit the invoice.
Warning: The following SKU(s) exist on PO ________, but were not included in this invoice: ________, ________, etc. The invoice does not include one or more SKUs that were originally on the order. The invoice submitted will still process even if all SKUs are not included. Ensure you include the correct SKUs on the invoice.
Warning: The extended cost on invoice ________ does not match the expected cost. There is a difference of ________. The extended cost on the invoice does not match what was shipped. The invoice will still process successfully. Ensure you provide the correct extended cost. You may need to contact your trading partner to address any differences in what you're expecting to receive versus what they're expecting to pay.
The requested po_number (________) could not be found within account ________. The PO is not in your account. Check the PO number on your import and in your Dsco account (if using multiple accounts).
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