The Dsco platform catches any errors the moment your data is processed, and gives you immediate feedback so you can resolve the errors.

Here are some common error messages that we often see with inbound data.

Inventory Failures

  • Duplicate UPC/EAN value found.
    • This means an item exists in your Dsco inventory that already has that UPC or EAN value assigned to it. Ensure that your UPC/EAN assignments are correct before uploading. If needed, remove UPCs/EANs, or discontinue the incorrect SKUs in your Dsco inventory.
  • Invalid UPC/EAN submitted.
    • Dsco will enforce character limits of UPC numbers (12 digits) and EAN numbers (13 digits). Double check that the UPC or EAN numbers you are submitting are valid.
  • The warehouse quantities specified are not aligned with the total quantity specified.
    • This indicates that warehouse quantities given on the upload do not add up to the total quantity given. Make sure your warehouse quantities align with the total.
  • Duplicate partner SKU value found (dsco_item_id: [ID value])
    • An item exists in Dsco that already has that partner SKU value assigned to it. This item may be in your own Dsco account or on another trading partner account assigned to the retailer. Check the "dsco_item_id" on your Inventory page to see if the item exists in your account and edit/remove the partner SKU as needed.

Shipment Failures

  • Cannot ship quantity [qty] for SKU [sku], 0 quantity are available on PO [po_number]

    Cannot ship quantity [qty] for SKU [sku], [qty_available] quantity are available and [ship_qty] have already shipped on PO [po_number].

    Cannot ship quantity [qty] for SKU [sku], [qty_available] quantity are available on PO [po_number]
    • Messages like this indicate that a SKU on the order is not able to have shipment information added to it. This could be because the item (a) does not exist on the PO, (b) has already been shipped, or (c) has been cancelled.
  • The following EDI Segments are required for an 856 transaction but were not provided or not complete (______).
    • The EDI file sent to Dsco is not in the right format OR is missing those segments in the data.

Tip: Check the import job to be sure it is set to the right standard (DSCO, Nordstrom EDI, etc).

Invoice Failures

  • PO ________ is not marked as "shipped" yet. Currently: shipment pending.
    • The order cannot be invoiced because it has not been given tracking/shipment data. Once the order is marked as shipped within Dsco, the invoice can be resent.
  • Unable to invoice quantity 1 for SKU " ________", 0 are left to be invoiced.
    • The order has already been invoiced for the SKU and, therefore, cannot be invoiced again.
  • SKU "________" is not available for invoicing because it is marked as "cancelled."
    • The SKU on the order was previously cancelled and cannot be invoiced.
  • Warning: The following SKU(s) exist on PO ________, but were not included in this invoice: ________, ________, etc...
    • The invoice does not include one or more SKUs that were originally on the order. Dsco will still process the invoice even if only some of the ordered SKUs are included.
  • Warning: The extended cost on invoice ________ does not match the expected cost. There is a difference of ________.
    • This warning indicates that the amount given on the invoice did not match what Dsco was expecting. Keep in mind that the invoice has still processed successfully, but you may need to contact your trading partner to address any differences in what you're expecting to receive versus what they're expecting to pay.
  • The requested po_number (________) could not be found within account ________.
    • The PO is not in that Dsco account. Check the PO number on your import or the Dsco account (if using multiple accounts).
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