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Note: The Product Status field was added the the platform. See the following chart for information on how this field we be utilized.

Also, note that the regular "status" field relates to inventory quantity while the "product_status" relates to catalog details.  You should continue using the "status" field in your inventory updates as normal (in-stock, out-of-stock, etc).

A “product_status” field was added to Dsco’s schema that suppliers can apply to their items in Dsco. This new status field will provide additional flexibility to how and when you would like to share inventory with your trading partners.

Status Definition


The supplier is in the process of setting up the item within Dsco and it is not ready for the retailer(s) to sell it.

Dsco will not export this item in inventory update feeds to the supplier’s trading partners, but will export this item in catalog feeds to the supplier’s trading partners.



The supplier has completed all of the item setup they wish to complete and the trading partners can now sell the item when the item has positive quantity.

Existing products will be set to a "null" value, which Dsco will consider to be "active" for the purposes of determining whether retailers should see these items. This is required for backwards compatibility. Going forward, Dsco will likewise consider items created without a product_status to be active.




The supplier has discontinued the item but wants its trading partners to continue to sell the item until the inventory quantity goes to zero. 

Dsco will continue to send inventory updates to the supplier’s trading partners if the supplier continues to update the available quantity of the item. At some point, it is expected that the available quantity will go to zero and remain there. However, if the supplier should send a positive inventory quantity, it will be passed to its trading partners.



The item is discontinued and the supplier’s trading partners are not to sell any more. Dsco will export the item to the supplier’s retailer via its designated inventory update feed (file/API/webhook), setting the quantity available to zero and overriding whatever value may be there.

Suppliers may continue to send positive inventory quantity values for the item to Dsco, however, Dsco will just continue to send zero quantity available to the supplier’s trading partners.
Dsco also added field labeled "dsco_last_product_status_update_date" which will be updated whenever the supplier changes the "product_status" value from one status to another.

Product Status Lifecycle Policy

Along with this status, Dsco will also add a “Enable Product Status Lifecycle” supplier policy which will enforce whether the product's product_status value should be required to match the four available options. 

If this policy is set to "true", Dsco will enforce that the product_status is one of the four options outlined above. If it's set to "false", Dsco will not require that the supplier use the product_status field and Dsco will treat it as "active". 

This policy allows Dsco to exempt existing suppliers to add support for this feature in order for them to continue doing business as they currently are today.



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