April showers bring more product improvements to Dsco!

We are happy to announce these new features regarding multi account management and user permissions:


Do you have multiple Dsco accounts? If so we have great news...

Dsco now allows you to group your accounts under a single company and appoint users that can easily toggle between accounts. No need to memorize lists of usernames and passwords!

If you are interested in grouping your accounts please reach out to support@dsco.io. You can find more information about multi account management here.


We’ve had many requests for the ability to incorporate different user roles on Dsco and have taken the suggestions to heart. You now have the option to give role-based permissions to users on your account. 

For example, you can give a user “Read Only” access to allow them to view inventory and orders without interfering with account settings or automation.

Admins can make these changes on the Settings > Users page, and then clicking on the user they wish to edit roles for. For more information on users and permissions, view our support article here.


As always, Dsco is constantly updating our articles and walkthroughs to make the dropship learning curve a lot less steep.

Walkthroughs: Remember to click on the blue “?” icon at the top of the Dsco portal to have a guide show you exactly how to perform a task.

Knowledgebase: New articles have been added to our knowledge base to help you solve the mysteries of the universe… or at least the mysteries of dropshipping.

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