Audience: Retailers and Suppliers

If you have multiple accounts in CommerceHub's Dsco platform, you can:

  • Group your accounts under a single company and appoint users that can easily toggle between accounts. No need to memorize lists of email addresses and passwords.
  • View and manage all your orders, invoices, inventory, and returns across all of your trading partners in a single view (for suppliers only).

Grouping multiple accounts

Step 1: Email CommerceHub Technical Support at with the following information:

  • The Company Name you would like to group the accounts under.
  • A list of your Dsco accounts and their associated trading partners.
  • The email address(es) you would like to have with single login access.

Step 2: Once CommerceHub Technical Support has confirmed the configuration, log in to the Dsco platform with your specified email address.

Step 3: To toggle between accounts, hover over the account name at the bottom of the navigation bar and select a specific account.

Note: If you're a supplier, you may also toggle between all of your accounts. Select All Accounts to see consolidated data across your trading partners.

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