• Improved EDI validation to ensure the three EDI delimiters are not the same as each other.

  • Added additional LTL carriers available on ship mapping.

  • Order Lifecycle: Added “product_status” to flat-file processing schema. 


  • Added visibility into when suppliers are adding or editing warehouses.

  • Provided query for all items out of alignment with warehouses and total quantity.

  • Dsco will now send a “zero” warehouse quantity when a supplier is paused.

  • API: Ship Mapping is now being applied to GET webhook/history calls.



  • Fixed issue where some custom import/export jobs were not recording work done within logs, causing them to deactivate.


  • Dsco EDI:

    • Fixed issue where some 846s with REF*IA segments were not auto-assigning warehouse code for single warehouse accounts. 

    • Fixed issue on 810 where the REF*IV segment was being read as supplier_order_number.

  • Kohl’s EDI:

    • Standard carton structures for 856s (Shipment, Order, Item, Pack) now update with multiple line items (i.e. SOIIP). 

  • Nordstrom EDI:

    • Fixed issue where 810s were failing for POs with the same SKU on multiple lines.

FLAT FILES (.csv, .xls, .pipe, etc.)

  • Flat File Pricing tiers for inventory are now importing correctly.

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