In the event that a supplier or brand works with inventory items that are custom made when ordered, Dsco allows for those items to be ordered in the moment without requiring that the inventory is added to Dsco first.

Audience: Retailers

The standard flow of data through Dsco requires the supplier to add their items to Dsco. When a retailer creates the order and Dsco is unable to find a matching item, that order is rejected. 

However, Dsco also supports the flow of custom made to order SKUs. By enabling this feature per supplier, retailers can circumvent the typical check that a SKU is required to exist in Dsco first before an order can be created. Instead, Dsco will create the custom SKU in the supplier's account once an order is received.  

Please note that a Trading Partner ID or Dsco Supplier ID must be referenced when creating these types of orders. If no ID is referenced then the order will be rejected. 

For example, Ted the Ned Ryerson just purchased a custom made and embroidered hat from his favorite online retailer. The order flows from the retailers system to Dsco, and Dsco provides all the details of the order to the hat selling trading partner for fulfillment. Even if the SKU was not previously found in Dsco, provided that a trading partner ID was included in the order information, Dsco will create the custom SKU automatically in the supplier's account and the order can be placed and fulfilled quickly and efficiently. 

This feature is currently available via the following integration methods:


API documentation:

Specific API call that can be used to create custom made to order SKU's:

Excel File:

An excel order upload file would be formatted as usual, however one of the two headers would need to referenced:

dsco_trading_partner_id or dsco_supplier_id



Please reach out directly to the Dsco support team ( to have this feature enabled for specific supplier accounts. 

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