Suppliers can use the Uninvoiced Only feature in Dsco to view any order that has an uninvoiced line item. Closing and completely invoicing the orders will remove them from this list. 

Instead of reading this documentation article, if you'd prefer to see a walkthrough of this feature directly in the Dsco portal then click this link: View Uninvoiced Orders

Step 1Step 1: Click the Navigation icon and select WORKFLOWS. Next, click ORDERS and select ALL ORDERS.

Step 2Select any date rage from between November 1, 2018 and the present date under the Date Range section of the lefthand search bar. Then check the Uninvoiced Only checkbox in the Flags section, and uncheck the Created, Shipment Pending, and Cancelled boxes in the Status section. You can either click the text directly or select the checkbox, and then click the teal UPDATE button.

Using this filter will show you a list of all orders that have any uninvoiced line items for orders which have been shipped. Go here if you need additional help creating invoices for those line items. 

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