WHO THIS AFFECTS: All suppliers and retailers currently integrated with Dsco via an AS2 connection. If you use a third-party to maintain your AS2 connection, please forward this information to the third-party.

On March 2nd, 2021 at 10:00am MST Dsco will be changing its AS2 certificate. You can find the new certificate attached at the bottom of this page. Your connection will need to switch to the new certificate at that time or you will experience connectivity issues. This change cannot be made before that time, but needs to occur at the specified day and time.

Before, during, and after the switch, Dsco support will be standing by to assist. If you miss the deadline and don’t make the switch at that time, your AS2 calls will fail. However, Dsco support will be available to help resend any failed calls once you have updated the AS2 certificate.

***Dsco accounts need to switch to the new AS2 certification at 9:30am MST on March 2nd, 2021***

All other AS2 details including ID, URL, and other parameters will remain the same.

Below is an article with additional information about Dsco AS2 connections.


If you are having difficulties changing to the new AS2 certification or have any questions/concerns please reach out to support@dsco.io. We're happy to help!

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