EDI and API Documentation Updated! We’ve updated  Dsco documentation for EDI and API integrations. You can access the new documentation using the following links:

New API Endpoint Switchover: As part of our commitment to making sure your information is secure and protected, we are currently in the process of becoming ISO certified. One result of this push is that we are changing the API endpoint from https://api.dsco.io to https://apis.dsco.io. If your account is not migrated to the new endpoint by September 30th, you may experience connectivity issues.

Line Item Integrity Enforcement: We will begin enforcing line item integrity with our next release on October 3rd. This feature ensures that return documents submitted by suppliers contain line numbers that match what retailers initially sent them. If the line item numbers do not match, the files will fail. We will provide more explanations of this new feature with our next release. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Dsco Support if you have any questions. 

Lots of bugs squashed! For this release we flagged and squashed eight bugs!

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