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It is important to make sure that retailers and suppliers are on the same page with invoice policies. In order to better facilitate such coordination, retailers can set their invoicing policy within the Settings tab in the web application. There is also pop-up messaging on the invoicing pages to keep brands and suppliers up to date as to the invoicing policy of their retailer before they proceed with action on an order. 

Viewing your retailer’s invoicing policy

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Orders > New Orders. You will be re-directed to the New Orders page by default.

Step 2: Within the New Orders page, click the PO Number link of any order to open the order's summary page.

Step 3: Click CREATE INVOICE at the top of the page.

Step 4: Since the order is not already marked as shipped, you'll see a warning that no shipment information has been uploaded to the order. Click the I’ll provide shipping information on the invoice link in this case.

At the top of the page, within a yellow background, you will see a notice including your retailer’s invoicing policy (similar to the image below).

Note: You may also reproduce these steps from the Invoices page in the web application.

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