Higher Precision Bulk Action! Bulk action has now been fine-tuned to prevent breaks in the order life cycle. For example, if a user attempts to bulk move orders back to created even though some of them have already been shipped or cancelled, the platform will now provide an error and only move those that it is able to. Orders can also no longer be bulk changed to “shipped” in order to prevent this type of status change to orders without tracking codes.

No More Empty Warehouse Codes: When a retailer has not set the Retailer Warehouse Code for a supplier's warehouse, Dsco has been passing through an empty field in their files. With this update the platform will now pass through a value of “null” so that the retailer can always expect to see a value.

Account Level Invoice Policy Options: In order to better facilitate coordination, Dsco will now allow the retailer to set their invoicing policy within the “Settings” tab of the portal. The three policies are as follows:

  • None - No Policy Enforced
  • Require a unique invoice for each shipment 
  • Require a unique invoice for each order 

We’ve also added pop-up messaging on the invoicing pages within the portal to keep suppliers up to date as to their retail partner’s invoicing policy before they proceed with action on an order. 

Fill/Kill Messaging: It can be hard keeping track of the various fill/kill policies of all your retail trading partners. In order to help with that, we’ve now added pop-up messaging within the portal on all order, shipment, cancellation, and invoicing pages to remind suppliers of their retailer's fill/kill policy before they take an action on an order.  Fill/kill settings can be set by retailers within the "Settings" tab in the portal. 

Bugs Squashed! For this release our team found and squashed four bugs!

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