• Distinct Costs Included On Order Details Page. Suppliers sometimes change the cost of their items, which can lead to issues when retailers reconcile their invoices and find that they are paying more than they expected. In order to provide complete visibility, Dsco will now display three separate costs on order detail pages: the retailer’s expected cost, the supplier's cost, and the customer’s cost. Order line subtotals and order totals will also reflect these three costs.
  • New “Order Total” Column. An “Order Total” column has been added to the Order pages within the portal. 
  • “0” Quantity for Paused Suppliers. When a connection is paused on Dsco, the platform will now show a quantity of “0” for all of the SKUs. This will allow retailers to automatically remove all of those items from their ecommerce storefront and avoid any accidental purchases from customers.
  • Lots of Bugs Squashed: For this release, we flagged and squashed seven bugs!
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